"We first met Tiffany in 2011 while she was in her Junior year at NAU. She had offered her photography services to our organization and quickly became an integral part of our organization.

Tiffany has a unique quality that allows her to see into her subjects and bring out the best in them through the lens. She has photographed dozen of our dogs and volunteers through the years. Animal subjects along with human subjects aren’t always a fan of the camera. Whatever the challenge Tiffany has always been able to capture the essence and brilliance in every subject whether it be two or four legged.

To work with her on a shoot is rather relaxing and she takes her time to make sure her subject is comfortable and is having fun. She has a special talent in getting her distracted animals subject to focus and enjoy the experience. With her human subjects she listens to what their needs are and is thoughtful in her presentation taking care to meet their needs while adding her own twist that is always a pleasant addition. She truly brings out the best in everything that she sets her lens on!

Tiffany has also produced videos, organized presentations, designed calendars as well as helped out with our website. One of her presentations was used as part of a national grant request with Petco Corp. Her presentation helped our organization win $10,000!

Whatever your visual needs be it photography, videography, presentation development or website design we hope you enjoy your experience with Tiffany as much as we all do!"

-Lorina Lopez

"Tiffany is a very gifted animal photographer.  She captured the special "looks" in each of my dogs.  She connects with the entire spectrum of dog behaviors -- my most bashful dog felt comfortable with her and wanted to work with her -- and she calmly worked with my wild young dog and captured her expressions as well.  Tiffany is creative and clearly loves her work.  Her photos are artful."

-Vicki B. (Client)

"Tiffany Hughes has consistently provided high-quality portraits of our rescue organization's foster dogs.  Her ability to connect quickly and personally to each dog, coupled with her excellent photography skills, results in very compelling photographs that have been instrumental in attracting adopters.  From scheduling the shoot to incorporating her clients' ideas to delivering the final product, Tiffany is reliable and effective."

-Robin K. (Client)