Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Current Events

Quick recap: Since the last post I've been to an adoption event for ACDR at Tucson's Petco and went to New Jersey for the Super Pet Expo. Now my house finally sold and I'm moving! Oops, forgot to mention the complete harddrive crash-my computer spontaneously stopped working right before the cross country trip.
So I got a new hard drive, which didn't work. I'm looking to maybe get a new computer or hopefully get mine back up and running! So, until then, sadly, I won't be able to really upload new photos or videos or anything. I'm borrowing a computer and it won't let me download any programs (probably good, because I'd bog it up with my PS, LS, and other Adobe editing programs anyways). I will be very busy moving between houses, putting things in storage, and getting things set up within the next couple of weeks. I look forward to being able to work on my photos and things again soon.

This is Doc-I got to do some training with him. For his first session, we mainly did some socialization (getting him used to being around me and taking treats from me). I was able to pet him when he was back in his comfort zone (loaded up in the car and ready to head home). We worked on getting him used to the sound of the clicker, and I was so pleased that he was willing to take treats from me! Then we introduced him to the Agility jump and he was willingly walking over it immediately. His eyes radiant intelligence and a very sweet soul. He reminds me soo much of my Blue Boy-Kronos. He has the same wonky ear set Kronos almost had, the same smile, many of the same expressions, and the same mannerisms. He is also just so sweet and what a lover-I really enjoyed getting to see him again and see how he's doing (he was an ACDR dog too).

In other news, make sure to check out and enter Surf Dog Richochet's St. Pawtricks Day Sweepstakes! They have some awesome prizes that you can win!